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am a G-Dragon fan!!!

27 Jan

nothing much to say.

but this Korean guy from BigBang leader is really cool!

check it out,y’all…^^


How To Draw The Cosmo Fiesta Way! (p.3)

23 Jan

the third episode is focused on the character Lisa

from my manga called ‘Ah!So?’

How To Draw The Cosmo Fiesta Way! (p.2)

23 Jan

tonight’s episode: How to Draw Ecchi Girls!!!

please believe me; am not a pervert..

here you go!=)

How To Draw the Cosmo Fiesta Way! (ep.1)

23 Jan

to begin with this blurry business, the first work i’ll be featuring is Kincel from my comic called ‘Ah!So?’

if you haven’t seen that yet, please click this first:

ooh~당신이 사랑하는 Park Bom!♥

18 Jan

aw~i really love 2NE1’s Park Bom!!!

she’s so cute.and very beautiful.and she’s 25 years old..

hooray to more short skirts when on your performances,내 사랑!!!

yeah yeah yeah!

unfortunately these videos have no subs…


18 Jan

2NE1’s latest single..released in Thailand as an advertisement for YAMAHA Fiore…

here ya go..^^

Filipino Book Review.=) (bob ong)

18 Jan
nah…this ain’t the cover…^^its just ME and an edited version..



Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan (The Friends of Mama Susan) is a very good book.

it’s kind of creepy.

this is Bob Ong’s 8th book, he, who was known for non-fiction books wherein almost every Filipino can relate to and thought-provoking fiction tales. this time around he took the risk of writing horror, that has hints of religious skepticisms, etc.

the prose is written in a journal manner, narrated by the protagonist; Gilberto Manansala.

he was an ordinary first year college student who was orphaned, and was doomed to live with the family of his pesky aunt.

later in the story he returns to province, where his Grandma was said to be in a critical condition.

that’s where all the horrors of his life began. . .



here’s a very intriguing trailer of the book!

(note: the sound’s great,so turn up the volume…)


nah...this ain't the cover...^^its just ME and an edited version..

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…

6 Oct

oh HELL!!!

i really have to watch this!!!

though,i am not finished with this book yet.

trailers really do excite me.

2NE1 – Clap Your Hands / Go Away

9 Sep

see it first here!!!

2NE1’s latest hit release from their new album: “To Anyone”

have fun, BlackJacks!!!=)

since the embed code ain’t working from Youtube,i posted a link here which connects you to another new 2NE1 release!!!
the title is: GO AWAY

My Beloved Music Videos (xD)

3 Aug

it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything in my A.V.C…
so for now im going to share with ya my favourite mucis videos, regardless of WHO and WHAT…
remember that you can ask me to post your fave videos here too!!!=D

2NE! is so kawaii~!!!=D
this is a very cool M.V…their stylist is SOOOOO great.
can’t wait for more 2ne1 videos to come!!!=)

it makes me wanna dance!
hehe…the Super Junior guys are very talented,aren’t they?=)
actually, i was supposed to be a member of SuJu too…
but i decided to put my studies first…=D

(my blurbs on the previous video’s just a koke)
y’know,i instantly fell in love with the BEP after this!!!they’re so cool!
especially their new futuristid style…see more of them on Youtube!=)

Sandwick is definitely one of the greatest pinoy bands of all times.=)
the music video of this song’s cool.
if ever i’ll be having a band and we have to perform a cover-up song…it has to be THIS!!!=D

this song drove me CRAZY back in high school…
my classmates performed it onstage and ‘FOOM!!!’ i EXPLODED!!!xD

it’s got 256,066,015 views on Youtube…
what’s the real magic behind this GaGa stuff?
i’ve never loved Lady GaGa more or less after this video/
simply amazing…=)
so many things have changed in me after seeing this!
life’ll always be technicoloured!!!

the lyrics say a lot of how i feel about others…
the same goes for the video.

my new favourite…
designed by the great 27+20…hehe

love the japanese captions!
these girls are MAD!!!=D
and there it was…
my loved and well-watched M.V’s…
maybe i missed a hit or two.
but thanks for viewing anyway…
have a nice day,ALiENS!!!=)