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insomnia -_0

29 Jul

insomnia's gonna be worth it with a blonde bitch like this!!!haha=DDD

couldn’t sleep at night

seven thousand thoughts running through my mind

an innocent disorder that kills very softly

can’t recall anything at all

void illusions from nothingness

lost without a map

soul without a heart

life without a drug

consciously paralyzed

aware of being hypnotized

can’t remember most of my existence

nobody feels my presence

i think is hould better cut my wrist

to escape the devil’s grip

better pause my breathing for a year

and relax every muscle

to avoid my fears



29 Jul

living for no reasons

a disturbance to nature

an entertainment for demons

always waiting for the future


pea-brained fools

visual creatures

like scums in schools

forever immature


looking for their purposes

rotten apples of the planet

shallow minds;often closed

laughing like bullshit


abnormal beliefs

stupid boring views

contemplating on ‘what-ofs’

dead and alive

cluelessly clueless


29 Jul


here comes all of them;running after hell

chasing scrapped events;off their memories

here comes angels;here comes demons

the world is torn apart to three:



where do you think you belong

when had this world been so small

how will i get by

i would rather die

i don’t want to be classified


here comes all of them;hiding from heaven

truth forgotten:if there’s hell;we’re all going down there

here comes angels;here comes demons

choose where we all should be: