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Sabina EATS Awards!!!!=D

14 Feb


i forgot to tell you guys about this, but our play (Sabina )

received an award for each category!!!woooo!!!!

same as the other group in our section..

BSEd 1-A really ROCKS!!!!!!

here’s what the bulletin said–>



2- The Ladies and the Senator

3- Sabina





1- The Ladies and the Senator

2- Sabina




1- Sabina

2-  The Ladies and the Senator





if  i did quite better myself,then we would;ve been number one…

but that’s okay…

am so happy about the results…




14 Feb


it had been a long time since i posted here on WordPress, didn’t i???

oh,well, i say that’s because tumblr is so much fun!^^

and it is Valentines today!

i think this is the first February 14 ever wherein my heart is filled with something else besides blood…

it’s LOVE!♥

well,guess what i did?

i gave a rose and a chocolate to my dearest ever’loved sweetcorn!


i should have given something more,

but we all know i don’t have the pockets for that.

hopefully she appreciated it.=)

and hopefully

there would be more romantic stuff in between us soon. . .

and no, she’s not my girlfriend yet.^^

the knots of the play.

1 Feb

my section’s dividing into TWO…(T_T)

it’s like the Tragedy Team does not want to help the Comedy Group.

am so sad about it.

my teammates are not willing to help them out.

as for me, i actually downloaded the background music for their play last night.

is there anything wrong with that?

yes, this project is a contest, the winning act will be exempted from the final exams.

but that is NOT the point, is it?

that is not an enough reason for us to give silent glares into each other.

we are still one section.

this is just one of the projects we are supposed to fulfill…

i just hope everything will be alright.


Let’s Play the PLAY!!!

31 Jan

i think i am somehow improving with my act for our play.

it seems like i am feeling my character a bit more.

or maybe not.

it does not matter.

i ust have to give this my best shot, it’s not that i’m afraid they might hate me or whatever…

i just don’t like being disappointed with myself.

and just as usual, punchlines and mistakes are coming every now and then.


without such stuff then i would have died immediately.

i hope that everything may turn out all right.



wish me good good good luck…

our well-made advertiing not very proud on how i look here.but the director (see girl in green) thinks it's good.=)?

ang araw ko’y laging Yin Yang…☺☻

26 Jan


lagi na lang may enough reason para maging rational ang pagtalon mula sa second floor ng Educ department araw-araw dahil nga terible nga talaga ang buhay estudyante.

peromay dahilan din naman upang ngumiti at mag-pasalamat tas mag-hangad na sana may bukas pa…

an drama ko.


ang POINT ee may maganda at pangit na nangyayari sa everyday life ko.

pero bukas baka wala.

exam e.


di ako nag-rereview.

Tragic Team!!!

24 Jan

earlier today, the Tragedy Team had practice and as usual we did not finish the whole task (for our Valentine Lantern Project got on the way)

i am in no mood to type today,so see these pictures instead.

bullshit girls

24 Jan

ang arte!!!!puta.

(paiikliin ko nlng to)

kanina kasi eh.

yung kaklase ko…

habang nag=meemeeting kami sa cafeteria e nasa likod ko pala.

tas sabi sa akin:

“uy hindi ka ba gentlemen?”

maarte ang puta!

andami daming upuan at pwesto dun,gumanan pa sya!


ano ba yung pagiging gentleman?MANDATORY???

ganunkase mga tao dun e.pag tinatamad,kung ano na ang sasabihin!shetness talaga.

anu yun,

porke’t namatay lang tatay nya dapat sympathetic na kami lage?

bwiset talaga.



Farms, Practice, and Englebert…

23 Jan

yesterday we went to Pauline‘s place to practice (Magdalena) and it was awesome!

her house is located in a farm, there were goats and cows and Englebert; at first i thought he was a dog wiht horns, later i learned about his true identity(and gender,for hsh *peep* was sticking out every now and then)

we haven’t practiced much, but made the props however are being done already.

the actors were very helpful! unlike the actual production staff, who did nothing but watch Showtime all along.


meanwhile, Maria Krasnaya took pictutres and I was her main target!!!

here ya go.


am the super tree macho hero!!!hahah...this picture somehow resembles peace.or something like that..heehee

so cute in this so nature friendly.=)

argh!!!its too glowy!!!!!(T_T)so relaxing a Pau's hammock...wish he still had ours...

brightness invading me...

other pictures can be found in here–>

si Claridel Bonzwa (drama ito)

21 Jan

haha..yung isang classmate ko(itago sa pangalang Claridel Bonzwa) eh hindi umuwi sa kanila nung isang araw…kaya ayun, the day after (kahapon) pinag-tanong sa amin kung sino ang huli nyang kasama, at kung san ba sya nagpunta..etc

ang weird nga e.parang ala naman nag-alala sa klase.

di naman ako nag-worry,pero syempre (sinfully)ee kung anu-anong gruesome panorama agad na-imagine ko…ang tanong ko nga sa kanla e “uy natagpuan na ba yung katawan ni Claridel???”



kaninang the last period e pumasok na sya.

niloloko namin.

tinatanong ko kung anong ‘feeling’ nun..kung masakit ba,etc.haha

ako’y walangya talaga(T_T


sabi nya,naglakad-lakad lang daw siya.


as if!



itanong sa boyfriend.




20 Jan

(walang kinalaman ang title nito sa entry–>)


kanina,after lunch e wala kaming chemistry pagkat ala si Mam Pineza…

yun.ang gagamit ng room namin ay mga major in english din…(third years) wla din silang guro, ang nangyari tuloy, nag-merge na lang ang dalawang sections upang ma-enjoy ang room 108, pati na ang mahalimuyak na amoy ng pintura dito…

mi nakilala pa nga kong bagong friends Nica (cute.NGUNIT may boyfriend na yata), yung isa na may notable nostrils,at yung babaeng nakikita ko pag ROTC..


nagpagawa sila sa akin ng komiks para sa kanilang project sa humanities





yung komiks kasi para sa chem.project namin ni Nikki,di ko pa din nagagawa…

balak ko sana gawin ngayon..

pero overflowing ang sipon ko..


hindi kakayanin..