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Sabina EATS Awards!!!!=D

14 Feb


i forgot to tell you guys about this, but our play (Sabina )

received an award for each category!!!woooo!!!!

same as the other group in our section..

BSEd 1-A really ROCKS!!!!!!

here’s what the bulletin said–>



2- The Ladies and the Senator

3- Sabina





1- The Ladies and the Senator

2- Sabina




1- Sabina

2-  The Ladies and the Senator





if  i did quite better myself,then we would;ve been number one…

but that’s okay…

am so happy about the results…




14 Feb


it had been a long time since i posted here on WordPress, didn’t i???

oh,well, i say that’s because tumblr is so much fun!^^

and it is Valentines today!

i think this is the first February 14 ever wherein my heart is filled with something else besides blood…

it’s LOVE!♥

well,guess what i did?

i gave a rose and a chocolate to my dearest ever’loved sweetcorn!


i should have given something more,

but we all know i don’t have the pockets for that.

hopefully she appreciated it.=)

and hopefully

there would be more romantic stuff in between us soon. . .

and no, she’s not my girlfriend yet.^^

DAILY STATS (1.30.11)

30 Jan

new songs: 1 ,

new (e)books: 3 ,

tumblr followers: 10 ,

downloaded manga: 19

girls-in-love-with: 1(constant) ,

weeks-before-change-of-status: 2(approx.) ,

done favors: 0 ,

done projects: 0

am now using tumblr…

28 Jan

after a long time doin’ business with,

i decided to try new sites also.

and since i knew a few who’re into tumblr.

i decided to make an account there too.

(hopes my wordpress account won’t get jealous.)

am planning to remain posting here and will just copy and paste it to that pod.

for that matter,please click this!—>

la-la-la~emo clip.☻ and SIMfingers

24 Jan

mommy erlyn from BSED 1a saw an emo (skull) hairclip from a picture of Sugar Hiccup in my notebook,

she asked me to make one for her.

and here’s the result…

how d’ya like it?☻


as for this one, there was a stray SIM card at home, so i used it for this…^^

dance, baby dance! (i♥LOTTE 2)

19 Jan





19 Jan


hindi na si Pauline(or Pow)

ako nagpicture nan!!!hehe

ang gaganap na Sabina sa aming play…kasi eh, di nya mamorize ng maige yung script.tas di nya pa madeliver ng maayos yung lines. at dahil dun,di nya rin mai-acting ng maayos…kung tagalog siguro kaya nya yun, kaso hindi.^^ inisip pa namin ng matagal kung paano sasabihin sa kanya na trip na namin syang i-evict, pero by the denouement of the day, ayaw nya na din pala dun… tsk tsk. sayang yung brainstorming.


ang papalit sa kanya ay si Direk/Bunso/di^ber/bun-bun/or most specifically Dianne Bernadette  na magaling talaga.heheh.^^ sana lang di ako mailang dun.


ako (Cosmo Fiesta 

ang gaganap as Mr.George Price.

yung leading man Sir Napoleon, nung una pa lang,sinabi ng ako yung bagay dun sa role.

but i wonder…kung nagagawa ko ba talga ng maayos yung papel ko or wala sila ibang mapili kaya di ako pinapaltan.


could it be???


basta gagawin ko na lang best ko.

nakaka-ano nga lang yung mga ‘kiligness moments‘ dun.

nauna ko pang gawin yun sa drama kesa sa tunay na buhay.

kasi naman e.

(sa susunod, lalagay ko din yung pics ng ibang character actors)



Filipino Book Review.=) (bob ong)

18 Jan
nah…this ain’t the cover…^^its just ME and an edited version..



Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan (The Friends of Mama Susan) is a very good book.

it’s kind of creepy.

this is Bob Ong’s 8th book, he, who was known for non-fiction books wherein almost every Filipino can relate to and thought-provoking fiction tales. this time around he took the risk of writing horror, that has hints of religious skepticisms, etc.

the prose is written in a journal manner, narrated by the protagonist; Gilberto Manansala.

he was an ordinary first year college student who was orphaned, and was doomed to live with the family of his pesky aunt.

later in the story he returns to province, where his Grandma was said to be in a critical condition.

that’s where all the horrors of his life began. . .



here’s a very intriguing trailer of the book!

(note: the sound’s great,so turn up the volume…)


nah...this ain't the cover...^^its just ME and an edited version..

Woo Hoo! – The’s

16 Jan

i watched  Kill Bill and noticed the band playing at ‘The House of Blue Leaves’ scene…i was like: ‘hell,could there really be a band as crazy as this???’

and i knew, baby…i just knew…when i searched for them online, i immediately discovered my second favourite band ever…=D


tell me, where else have you seen three bare-footed ladies in elegant suits ripping guitars like this?

that’s why i love japan!they’re oh-so-cool!!!

ah,i really dont know what to say,so read this copy-pasted info from instead:


The’s are a female, three-piece, ese rock and roll band, whose music is reminiscent of American  music and . The band formed in Tokyo, Japan in 1986. The band currently consists of founding members Yoshiko Fujiyama (vocals, guitar) and her sister Sachiko Fujiyama (drums) and long-time bassist Akiko Omo. The group have so named themselves because they do 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s rock. They do many covers from American rock and roll records.

The’s first started performing as a quartet in Tokyo, Japan, and were recruiting many guest performers during their Australian tour, once even recruiting a male member, “Eddie”. They first officially became a trio in 1992 before touring Australia. They made regular appearances at indie venues in Melbourne in the early nineties, notably The Tote and uni gigs.

The’s have done a guest performance in the 2003 Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill Volume 1, playing in a sushi bar taking place in Japan but actually being filmed in China. Their appearance in this film launched them into the public eye of the western world. Their hit song Woo Hoo has become synonymous with an Internet phone television advertisement in Canada and the USA, in addition to a beer commercial in the UK. One of their songs is also briefly featured in the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Dutch Radio Jock Giel Beelen uses “Woo Hoo” everyday when he calls his “GIEL Mobile” (going from hand to hand in the whole Dutch Star land)




a fan of CSI =D

14 Jan

since i was a little younger i am interested in CSI (Las Vegas) because of the curious cases they delve into,

but i wasn’t able to understand whatever they’re saying back them..haha


last month i bought 2 CSI DVDs, season 10 and 11.

it sure was great!

i want to look like George Eades!

and Lisa Vassey’s lovely.

and Laurence Fishburne’s acting is SO cool!!!

geniuses make up this show,every episode is like a movie.

you should watch it too!!!!=D