Filipino Book Review.=) (bob ong)

18 Jan
nah…this ain’t the cover…^^its just ME and an edited version..



Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan (The Friends of Mama Susan) is a very good book.

it’s kind of creepy.

this is Bob Ong’s 8th book, he, who was known for non-fiction books wherein almost every Filipino can relate to and thought-provoking fiction tales. this time around he took the risk of writing horror, that has hints of religious skepticisms, etc.

the prose is written in a journal manner, narrated by the protagonist; Gilberto Manansala.

he was an ordinary first year college student who was orphaned, and was doomed to live with the family of his pesky aunt.

later in the story he returns to province, where his Grandma was said to be in a critical condition.

that’s where all the horrors of his life began. . .



here’s a very intriguing trailer of the book!

(note: the sound’s great,so turn up the volume…)


nah...this ain't the cover...^^its just ME and an edited version..


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