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Sabina EATS Awards!!!!=D

14 Feb


i forgot to tell you guys about this, but our play (Sabina http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sabina/184870758201859 )

received an award for each category!!!woooo!!!!

same as the other group in our section..

BSEd 1-A really ROCKS!!!!!!

here’s what the bulletin said–>



2- The Ladies and the Senator

3- Sabina





1- The Ladies and the Senator

2- Sabina




1- Sabina

2-  The Ladies and the Senator





if  i did quite better myself,then we would;ve been number one…

but that’s okay…

am so happy about the results…



the knots of the play.

1 Feb

my section’s dividing into TWO…(T_T)

it’s like the Tragedy Team does not want to help the Comedy Group.

am so sad about it.

my teammates are not willing to help them out.

as for me, i actually downloaded the background music for their play last night.

is there anything wrong with that?

yes, this project is a contest, the winning act will be exempted from the final exams.

but that is NOT the point, is it?

that is not an enough reason for us to give silent glares into each other.

we are still one section.

this is just one of the projects we are supposed to fulfill…

i just hope everything will be alright.


Let’s Play the PLAY!!!

31 Jan

i think i am somehow improving with my act for our play.

it seems like i am feeling my character a bit more.

or maybe not.

it does not matter.

i ust have to give this my best shot, it’s not that i’m afraid they might hate me or whatever…

i just don’t like being disappointed with myself.

and just as usual, punchlines and mistakes are coming every now and then.


without such stuff then i would have died immediately.

i hope that everything may turn out all right.



wish me good good good luck…

our well-made advertiing poster.am not very proud on how i look here.but the director (see girl in green) thinks it's good.=)?

Tragic Team!!!

24 Jan

earlier today, the Tragedy Team had practice and as usual we did not finish the whole task (for our Valentine Lantern Project got on the way)

i am in no mood to type today,so see these pictures instead.


19 Jan


hindi na si Pauline(or Pow)

ako nagpicture nan!!!hehe

ang gaganap na Sabina sa aming play…kasi eh, di nya mamorize ng maige yung script.tas di nya pa madeliver ng maayos yung lines. at dahil dun,di nya rin mai-acting ng maayos…kung tagalog siguro kaya nya yun, kaso hindi.^^ inisip pa namin ng matagal kung paano sasabihin sa kanya na trip na namin syang i-evict, pero by the denouement of the day, ayaw nya na din pala dun… tsk tsk. sayang yung brainstorming.


ang papalit sa kanya ay si Direk/Bunso/di^ber/bun-bun/or most specifically Dianne Bernadette  na magaling talaga.heheh.^^ sana lang di ako mailang dun.


ako (Cosmo Fiesta 

ang gaganap as Mr.George Price.

yung leading man don.si Sir Napoleon, nung una pa lang,sinabi ng ako yung bagay dun sa role.

but i wonder…kung nagagawa ko ba talga ng maayos yung papel ko or wala sila ibang mapili kaya di ako pinapaltan.


could it be???


basta gagawin ko na lang best ko.

nakaka-ano nga lang yung mga ‘kiligness moments‘ dun.

nauna ko pang gawin yun sa drama kesa sa tunay na buhay.

kasi naman e.

(sa susunod, lalagay ko din yung pics ng ibang character actors)



‘The Play’ (korean post)

17 Jan


hooray!!!this Google Translator is SO witty!!!

i’ SO lovin’ it!!!so instead of the usual blah-blahblah english entries…i will write one of my most confidential entry here in korean!!!!

its up to you to translate it,okay???=)


오늘, 우리는 세 번째 시간에 연습을 연주했다 … 그리고그것은 재미 있었어.

필자가 (아직은 아무것도하지 않고 있습니다) propsmen와 장난에 보관 … 내가하고주인공과 나의 사랑 현장이되어야 얼마나 그들을 .. 하하 …에 시연 그것은 물론, 과장된했습니다 …= )
나 또한 그들에게 길을 ‘성숙’사람들이 춤을 가르 쳤 … 내가 안무 직접 만든 .. 그리고 그들은 그들이 본 가장 멍청한 춤이라고 주장 .. heehee을

그리고 남자, 키스하는 장면이 있었다!

나는 또한 내가 부끄러워했기 때문에 적어도 7 takes가 제대로 할일을했다 그 전에 배우, 포옹했다! 난 누구에게도 아직 완료하지 않은, 어서! 다음 키스 … 난 너무 친밀한있는, 그녀의 뺨을 먼저 잡고 있었다. …
nah.i는 실패입니다. (T_T)

어쨌든, 난 나머지는 잘 나올 수있다 바랍니다.


난 거의 …=) 내 대사를 암기에 다 있어요