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PONGYA, Aliens!!!^o^

17 Apr


finally, after two months of staying out of my pod i am back and better! really. in different invisible ways, i suppose.=)

i would love to have a short enumeration of what has happened since the last time i have been here and now, but that would require lots of thinking, so let’s not linger on what occurred but rather let us focus on what will =)

is that ok with you???

have a nice day, my aliens!



is it ‘Goodbye, H.A.’??!

8 Nov

I’m truly undergoing a both critical and curious situation in my life right now.
Part of it explains the fact that I’ve been listening to my heart more carefully this days. No, I’m still not sentimental. Maybe it’s just that I am really ‘growing up’.
Stuff I’m blabbing about today may sound odd for you. And it’s actually odd for me too. I promise to elaborate these weird (and mature?) thingies soon.
And yup, here’s another thing. I think I’ll be visiting this blog not-so-everyday anymore. Means my usually many-a-week posts shall probably be at least twice a month only. I dunno… there are lots of things in my mind that need more ‘focusing’. And whenever I’m online there are also other things I must do., I doubt people still watch out for my posts so there.
I’m falling in love.
That’s all for now, sweet ALiENS…
See ya later.

shift (???)

26 Sep

i think i should move my cyberpod to multiply


14 Aug

i was supposed to celebrate for my 100th post here in wordpress…

but i failed because i didn’t know i was past of it already.

this is my 107th post.



i love you all,dear ALiENS!

A Very Special Post…

3 Aug


30 Jul

haha.tinatamad na akong mag-net pa sa ngayun…

kaya ito,dahil limot ko na agad ang mga post-it kong dinidikit sa utak ko,susulat ko na muna dito yung main topics and concern ng magiging mga entry ko…oK???=)haha–>


*ang plano kong mag-shift ng course

*tungkol sa love life ng kabataan ngayon.

*yung sportsfest

*ang lihim sa likod ng madilim na pagkatao ni Zosimo Batilyero (codename lang yan)=D

*mga tamad na teachers ng LSPU

*ang bookworm

*ang library


*at madaming pang ka-ALiENan na hindi na dapat pinopost pa!!!



salamat sa suporta,holy beeches~!!!=)

On Human Trafficking (a short long story)

29 Jul

something by James Dean ulit!!!hehe...at then again,wala sya kinalaman sa post...heheh.=D


medyo seryoso at delicate topic muna ang pag-uusapan natin sa blog ko ngayon…dahil sa ilang events sa buhay ko eh medyo namulat ang mata ko sa madami pang madidilim na bagay sa mundong ibabaw…i have to be aware…you have to be the same.heheh.=)

oh.mi nabasa akong entry sa blog ng bandang Duster.sulat ito nung vocalist nila;si Katwo Puertollano.hehe.

eto yung original link:

tas heto yung sinabi dun sa post na yun..please read.it might open up your mind too.=)

Just last week I was watching this documentary for a Canadian TV show called “Selling Sex in Heaven”, it’s narrated by Kiefer Sutherland (as in Jack Bauer, e fan pa naman ako ng 24), and it follows the story of Mila, a sex worker in Angeles, Pampanga.

A backgrounder lang for the young folks, may US military base(AKA Clark Air Base) sa Pilipinas from 1903 to 1991. It served as their biggest Asian military base, nung second world war dito naka-station yung aircrafts nila and the base became an important military operations facility during the Vietnam war. Syempre may mga thousands ng American military na naka-station kaya nagkaroon ng red light district (but don’t get me wrong, if you trace the history of Pinoy Rock and Roll, nanggaling din dito ang birth ng Pinoy bands). After the US military moved out of Pampanga in ’91, naiwan yung mga girly-bars at hanggang ngayon rampant pa rin ang sexual tourism sa Pilipinas. Yung blowjobs ay nasa $2, sex is for $5.

Balik tayo kay Mila. Mila used to be a househelp in Manila but someone offered her a factory job in Pampanga, pagka-hatid kay Mila sa Clark, iniwanan siya ng recruiter at hindi alam ni Mila na ibinenta na pala sya bilang GRO sa Heaven (pangalan ng bar) located along… eto – Blowjob Avenue. Maraming girly bars dun sa avenue na yun. There’s a clinic at Angeles that screens women for STD’s, HIV and double checks women if they are “cherry girls” or virgins. Kasi raw yung mga bar owners na nagtitinda ng virginity ng mga babae, kailangan ma-assure na 100% “pure” yung product nila, kasi kung hindi ginugulpi sila ng customers, at syempre mas mahal pag-virgin. Kahit may clinic, para naman ito sa protection ng mga customers at bar owners at hindi talaga para sa protection ng mga babae. Bakit ganun, noh – yung mga babae may check-up, yung mga lalake wala, double standards. It’s the worst form of racism and sexism, 2009 na, ganto pa rin sa Angeles.

Kawawa sina Mila, they do everything for their white customers, they all hope kasi that one day some American guy will marry them and take them to the US. So natapos yung documentary, si Mila ay binuntis ng isa niyang customer na Amerikano (syempre walang pakialam yung customer niya) at na-diagnose siya na may HIV. ang lungkot-lungkot.

Ito yung example ng human trafficking na nagsimula sa cycle ng paghihirap ni Mila. Ibinenta na pala sya, hindi niya alam, tapos napasok na siya sa mundo ng prostitution dahil na rin siguro naisip niya na wala na siyang choice kasi paano pa siya kikita ng pera given her situation? Isipin niyo lang, kung educated lang si Mila about human trafficking at  kung aware lang siya sa rights niya, maaari sanang nakalapit sya sa pulis o kaya nakahingi ng assistance sa government (assuming din na may taskforce para tulungan ang cases ng human trafficking).Siguro rin kung may sapat na sexual health education siya about diseases and her rights may chance din na umalis na lang siya sa ganoong buhay.

So i urge everyone to read up on human trafficking and open a dialogue about it with your teacher, friends – research about it and include it in your school work. The first step is to make ourselves aware of these issues and fight ignorance. And to quote gang badoy of rockEd “it’s my country, my business” – it’s time to step up!


i’m not a bad person,after all…=)

29 Jul

i make lots of mistakes,my fault-counter’s fucked up

i do hurt some intentionally,and with that,i thought i was awesome

but at least i know not to take things for granted

all the mornings i wake up to,they’re all appreciated,

my friends are my treasures,are memories are priceless,

whoever i may be,they’re all part of the mess.=D

so many things left unapologized, i’ve regretted and prayed for,

but there are notes in my mind,promises not to commit the same error

so for everything i have done,sorry for the incovenience,

and for being a part of me,”thank you,”says my conscience

because after meeting all of you,

for the sake of what i’ve gone and will be going through,

you have made me realize,

that i’m not a bad person after all…=)