30 Jan

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Daily Stats (1.29.11)

29 Jan

DAILY STATS (1.29.10)
new song/s: 1 ,

hours out: 7 ,

new pictures: 0 ,

annoyed friends: 3(approx.) ,

tumblr followers: 4 ,

corn: 0 ,

sweet potatoes: 10 chunks (approx.) ,

people at home when i got back: 0 ,

sites logged in: 4

am now using tumblr…

28 Jan

after a long time doin’ business with WordPress.com,

i decided to try new sites also.

and since i knew a few who’re into tumblr.

i decided to make an account there too.

(hopes my wordpress account won’t get jealous.)

am planning to remain posting here and will just copy and paste it to that pod.

for that matter,please click this!—> http://cosmofiesta.tumblr.com/

Daily Stats (1.28.10)

28 Jan

to keep myself in watch(since i often loose myself)

i decided to observe my health in this way (by numbers)

and will be updated daily…^^

hours at school: 6

exams: 4

exams that may fail: 2

projects pending: 3

projects submitted: 0

pitures: 34(?)

profile picture changes: 2

corns eaten: 2(supposed to be 3, but mom ate one of them)

spaghetti: 1 mini-bowl

books read: 3 (all unfinished–yet)

hours of sleep(last night): 6

CF Cosplays as Ship-Captain-Cosmo!!!

27 Jan

was so bored today.

sailman’s cap which am supposed to wear for our play was rejected by me therefore will use it as props instead…

here are my favored results…^^

Bean Pole= Super COOL!!!

27 Jan

i discovered this clothing line somewhere and saw their products.

i was like “let me HAVE this!!!” or something like that.

but NO.

for i know this will cost a lot and it would be awkward to wear such outfits in the Philippines for it’s still quite warm here…but the BOF bastards are wearing it too!oh damn!

will look better than him when wearing this.

artwork…(but don’t bother)

27 Jan

am a G-Dragon fan!!!

27 Jan

nothing much to say.

but this Korean guy from BigBang leader is really cool!

check it out,y’all…^^

ang araw ko’y laging Yin Yang…☺☻

26 Jan


lagi na lang may enough reason para maging rational ang pagtalon mula sa second floor ng Educ department araw-araw dahil nga terible nga talaga ang buhay estudyante.

peromay dahilan din naman upang ngumiti at mag-pasalamat tas mag-hangad na sana may bukas pa…

an drama ko.


ang POINT ee may maganda at pangit na nangyayari sa everyday life ko.

pero bukas baka wala.

exam e.


di ako nag-rereview.

무지개 분야!!Fields of Rainbows (preview)

24 Jan

after the tragic and controversial (whoa.really.) comic i did called Ah!So?

i’ll be making a new story this time, entitled 무지개 분야 or Fields of Rainbows.

i don’t know much about fashion, but the story revolves around it, most specifically the futuristic korean approach.


here are the main characters.=)