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artwork…(but don’t bother)

27 Jan


무지개 분야!!Fields of Rainbows (preview)

24 Jan

after the tragic and controversial (whoa.really.) comic i did called Ah!So?

i’ll be making a new story this time, entitled 무지개 분야 or Fields of Rainbows.

i don’t know much about fashion, but the story revolves around it, most specifically the futuristic korean approach.


here are the main characters.=)

How To Draw The Cosmo Fiesta Way! (p.3)

23 Jan

the third episode is focused on the character Lisa

from my manga called ‘Ah!So?’

How To Draw The Cosmo Fiesta Way! (p.2)

23 Jan

tonight’s episode: How to Draw Ecchi Girls!!!

please believe me; am not a pervert..

here you go!=)

How To Draw the Cosmo Fiesta Way! (ep.1)

23 Jan

to begin with this blurry business, the first work i’ll be featuring is Kincel from my comic called ‘Ah!So?’

if you haven’t seen that yet, please click this first: