Farms, Practice, and Englebert…

23 Jan

yesterday we went to Pauline‘s place to practice (Magdalena) and it was awesome!

her house is located in a farm, there were goats and cows and Englebert; at first i thought he was a dog wiht horns, later i learned about his true identity(and gender,for hsh *peep* was sticking out every now and then)

we haven’t practiced much, but made the props however are being done already.

the actors were very helpful! unlike the actual production staff, who did nothing but watch Showtime all along.


meanwhile, Maria Krasnaya took pictutres and I was her main target!!!

here ya go.


am the super tree macho hero!!!hahah...this picture somehow resembles peace.or something like that..heehee

so cute in this so nature friendly.=)

argh!!!its too glowy!!!!!(T_T)so relaxing a Pau's hammock...wish he still had ours...

brightness invading me...

other pictures can be found in here–>


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