i hate cellphones.

14 Jan

December 13,2010:

I lost my phone. It is maroon. And I really have no idea where I dropped it (either the mall, on my way home, or into a void dimension of infinite nothingness). I lost a few eBooks, some phone numbers, and quite a few routines with it involved.

I had a blank expression when I got home, maybe I have this ability to transfer my emotions into writings, something like that.

Well, by one way or another, I couldn’t care much.



A week later, I had the phone I was using before the maroon one back.


It got fixed a few times for it delves into  a long-time comatose once you change its theme.

Anyway, I was happy enough because I can put songs in it (and eBooks too!yay!)

But somehow, life is just SO against me.

The on/off switch sank(dunno the right term) and one night, when I pulled the charger from its butt, the socket came off with it!!!!

Pretty hell!!!!!

I wouldn’t tell that to my parents.

They’ll just think I’m too careless for anything good in this world.

But hey, I may be good at handling girls…



Try me.=)



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