is it ‘Goodbye, H.A.’??!

8 Nov

I’m truly undergoing a both critical and curious situation in my life right now.
Part of it explains the fact that I’ve been listening to my heart more carefully this days. No, I’m still not sentimental. Maybe it’s just that I am really ‘growing up’.
Stuff I’m blabbing about today may sound odd for you. And it’s actually odd for me too. I promise to elaborate these weird (and mature?) thingies soon.
And yup, here’s another thing. I think I’ll be visiting this blog not-so-everyday anymore. Means my usually many-a-week posts shall probably be at least twice a month only. I dunno… there are lots of things in my mind that need more ‘focusing’. And whenever I’m online there are also other things I must do., I doubt people still watch out for my posts so there.
I’m falling in love.
That’s all for now, sweet ALiENS…
See ya later.


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