Sweetheart Snackbar (album review)

30 Oct

this is my official first-ever review of anything in this blog!hopefully you can read it.though it seems very late for me to criticize this album…and since you’re here at my peculiar blog.im gonna give you a hint of every song it’s got!im CRAAAAZY!!!^o^(bawal ba yun?)
Artist: Duster
Album: Sweetheart Snackbar
Company: Sony BMG
Released: late 2008
Genre: OPM, Alternative , Pop-Punk , Girl Power , Sweet , Mature , Seductive
Members: Katwo Puertollano(vocals)
Kris Dancel (bass)
Myrene Academia (keyboards/programming)
Ristalle Bautista (drummer)

here goes my track-by-track review–>
Song #01
-i’ve been hearing this song for almost everyday and i still barely understand it’s lyrics.not that its bad though,Katwo’s hoarse voice definitely got the job done.and the amazing intro beats are chemically danceable..=)
#02 Dek-A-Doodle-Dandy
-a very catchy song indeed(first line says that you’re Maom is an addict)but the band explains that the addicition this song talks about is our obsession to anything-not specifically drugs…this is their first single.very naughty keyboards.
#03 Gucci Gang
-Duster’s second single.chorus says ‘Dance Sucker!Dance Sucker!’but it surely wouldn’t hurt admitting that you’re a SUCKER after hearing this…hope you won’t mind being called a ‘motherfucker’,though.=)ms.Ristalle says to ME that this is her favourite track.
#04 QC Girls
-after Gucci Gang,it took almost a year(or more?)to release another Duster video.the lyrics may be exclusively for Quezon City babes only,but it doesn’t make me feel bad to ‘Relax and Rebond’ along with it.haha
#05 D.U.S.T.E.R
-i dunno about you,but i consider this as a filler (only)-but the way they chanted D.U.S.T.E.R! again and again is both annoying and cute.^_^
#06 Houseborken
-my second favourite!the chorus lines are not related to the verse lyrics.please watch out for the whisper-y musings hidden in the Pa-parapa-part!
#07 Dekonstruccion
-the title sounds tough.but the lyrics remind me of a wife that’s not sexed by her partner anymore.
#08 Miss Me
– a very jumpy song with drum-beats that synchronises with your heart’s pulps.=D
#09 Balls
-this song i didn’t like the most.(sorry)especially the oh-oh-oh-oh part.i often skip this when sleeping through the album..i agree that they’ve got the BALLS,though.=)
#10 Sexxxing the Cherry
-a seductive song with a soft-curtain-effect…if you happen to be a girl,you can make your boyfriend listen to this after a fight and it’ll soften him up,i think.and if ever i make a slideshow consisting all my released and authorized artworks,i’ll definitely use this as background…=D
#11 Janice Janice
-haha!this song mostly consists of names only.it’ll definitely make a good soundtrack to a pool party.Janice,Janice!Noemi,Racquel!=)
#12 Retail Theraphy
-i don’t have much to say for this.it doesn’t linger into my mind after hearing it.but shopaholics shall be happy to sing along with this song.
#13 Saksakan
-a narrative obviously written by Lourd de Veyra.a gothic and gruesome monolouge about a masochistic girl.it’s a little odd,though.there’s a TV in their kitchen.and she’s able to breathe even though the blood’s knee-length already.haha.^^
#14 GPS
-will definitely make a good Girl-Scouts theme song.something about an elder sister promising safety to the little ones.very encouraging indeed.=)
that’s it!i fancy writing something notable about Duster as a final sentence.but i cant think of any as for now.for that matter,i will just leave ya with a link so you can download Sweetheart Snackbar for free.
here goes…


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