Hearts for the Wildflower (novel)

24 Oct

Hearts for the Wildflower Chapter One: the President and his Master I can’t believe I’m in this mad situation right now; my hands are tied behind my back, my lips are bleeding hell, and both my ankles are chained to the feet of this armchair where my soaking with blood self is confined. Three heavyset bastards are circling around me, adding terror to my already tortured mind, the pale beams of light from the ceiling add nothing but thirst to the horror suffocating me inside. “Come on, Mista’ President, jus’ tell us where the Wildflower is hiding and we gon’ set ya free.” Said the bald guy holding a baseball bat in his left hand and sporting enormous gothic rings on the other. The guy in my left spat drool on me, half of his skin appeared to be a madman’s drawing book for a long period of time; with all those dumb tattoos draped around him, I’m pretty sure of it; the other 50 percent of himself’s got holes all over,with all those gleaming silver piercings pinned in his filthy flesh, I’m pretty sure of it.=)”Baldy’s right,little wimp.Spill the beans and we’ll let you go immediately. Come on.” “For the twenty-fifth time, Charlie’s Angels, (they’re three, so it doesn’t make a bad nickname for ‘em.haha) Wildflower’s not hiding. She’s actually looking for you right now—“ I was about to call them ‘Powerpuff Girls’ instead when the other guy kicked my head from the back, which pushed Scoufield Albert(that’s me!=)) forwards and sent me kissing the ground(man, it’s a shame to narrate this, y’know…) But mind you—I’m NOT afraid, yes, I’m really hurt, it feels like half of myself’s dead already, but I don’t feel any fear at all, I’m not even angry with these guys(the Totally Spies) because I know that the Wildflower shall do the revenge for me. I’m not afraid, I know she’s going to save me. The bastard behind me suddenly— oh wait, I think I have to tell you why I’m stuck here in the first place, don’t you think? Yeah, let’s hit this right from the beginning so I can tell you all about my life once I met Honey Wildflower, and how it changed both of us forever… “Congratulations, Scoufield!” said a girl I didn’t know as I am gleefully strolling along the corridors of our school named Black Myrtles’ High Institute. I was just proclaimed as the new Student Council President a few second ago by the speakers located at every corner of the campus. On the way to my new office I am being showered with ‘Congratulations’ from almost every girl, every admirer, to be precise.=) “WhheeeEEeeeEEEeeeEe~!!!!!” Sweeney, my bestfriend(according to her) jumped on me from behind, ”SUPER CONGRATULATIONS,ALFONSE!YOU ARE NOW THE LEADER OF THIS SCHOOL!” “AH!”I grunted, noticing the slashing stares of girls against Sweeney as she buried her face on my back,” My name’s not Alfonse, Sweeney! It’s Scoufield Albert!” “Who cares, Scouldron?!?You’re still my bestfriend, aren’t you?I mean, you may be the ever-famous president now, but that doesn’t mean that—oh,nevermind!” another ‘WHEE’ ended her sentence. Finally I was able to tug her off my collar, ”Well,I’m sorry,Swine Flee, Mr.Centra told me to proceed to MY NEW OFFICE right away, so if you’d excuse me for now…”I emphasized a few words to annoy her. I can now hear her mad accusations (‘you cheated the elections!’) as I hurried myself to the said office. Here I am. Should I knock first? Why,this is my room now,right? I gently pushed the door open and peeked inside. There I saw Mr.Centra, a tall and Chinese-looking middle-aged teacher with a haircut shaped like a cup.And beside him—who’s that?A child?But no,she’s wearing our school uniform!She’s got pitch black hair that reaches her hips and brows that appears to be raised high permanently; her blouse is buttoned from neck to her breast,but revealing most of her tummy(how weird!)and she wears a very short skirt! Man, what’s wrong with this kid?!? “He should be here any moment now, Master. ”Mr.Centra assured her. And did I hear it right?’Master’??? “I don’t care, Nuthead.”she replied.NUTHEAD?!?Nobody calls Mr.Centra anything!He’s the most terrifying teacher in Black Myrtle’s, after all.But he doesn’t seem to care too,being called as as such. I entered the room, it was damn cold inside. “Well hello,Mr.Albert,our new president! Finally!Here you are!” Mr.Centra glared at me, back to being the evil professor,that he truly is. ”Scoufield, this is Honey…Honey wildflower. Daughter of the Institutional Authority Chairman; Nexus Peter Junior.” “Oh,” I muttered. Mr.Nexus Peter was one of the most respected people in the whole region.”Then why isn’t her last name ‘Junior’?I mean—‘Peter’?” Honey twitched a little and turned her dark eyes upon me,”I’m an adopted child,WORMSKIN!Got it?Happy now?!HAPPY NOW,aren’t you?!?” I was about to apologize when she tok a few steps forward, as if preparing to strangle me (!), fortunately Mr.Centra stopped her (check it out,he’s becoming a softie!) “Uhh—I’m sorry,Ms.Wildflower.I didn’t mean to offend you.” “OFFENDED?!?Hell,who’s offended?I don’t give a damn whatever you say,WORMSKIN!”she struggled out of Mr.Centra’s grasp. “Come on,Miss Honey,he didn’t mean to—“but the girl was already out of his reach. She grabbed a long wooden sword from who-knows-where and stretched her hands to hit me,just then,the door opened and revealed the founder of Black Myrtle’s High Institute itself; Sir Nexus Peter Junior; he’s a stout gentleman with no hair on his head but a healthy beard on his chin. “Is there a problem,Honey?”the billionaire asked softly,saying ‘Honey’ with a soothing tone. To my surprise,Miss Wildflower looked startled(and afraid) she lowered her stick and stood rather straight.”N-no,Father…Everything’s alright.M-Mr.Cent-(oh,whatsyournameagain?)Mr.Centaur is actually introducing me to this guy,the president—Scoufield Albus,if I heard it right.” She glanced at me and looked back to his stepfather,thus,the dragon lady’s got a tamer already.And he called Mr.Centra a centaur.Hahah!She’s worse than Sweeney when it comes to remembering names.But at least Albus sounds good… “Ah,yes. Mr.Albert is more like it,no?”Sir Nexus turned to me with a charming smile spread across his face.I nodded.”Come sit, m’dearly president.” I was about to sit in the soft chair facing the bland table when sir Nexus chuckled, ”No,no,no Mr.President!”You’re going to sit here!”He pointed his palm to the large chair behind the table.Right,it’s the president’s chair.I slowly obeyed him and he helped himself on the chair I previously occupied. Honey Wildflower was still standing straight in the middle of the room,and only seated herself when Sir Nexus told her so. ”I’m afraid that what we have to discuss now is a little private,may I ask you to leave the room,Sir?” “Oh.Yes,Mr.Peter Jr.”Mr.Centra excused himself and left the office. I caught a glimpse of what was going on outside the room; everybody was havng fun,eating snacks,sharing gossips,and such. As for me,I am supposed to behave formally while locked together with a filthy brat and the owner of this school.I didn’t know being a Student Council President would bring this much tension! “Okay,here’s the thing,Mr.Albert,”his eyes turned back to me,eye to eye.I had to look down at my hands below the table.(sigh)”Are you listening,Mr.Albert?” “Oh!Uh-yes sir,definitely.Yes I’m listening.”I let out a nervous smile,Honey sniggered.A smile still glued onto Sir Nexus’s face,his voice sound firm, though. “See here, Mr.Albert,my daughter; Honey Wildflower,just graduated elementary and she’s now prepared to enter high school,”he smiled at Honey. Her eyes grew wider,”Ah.That’s right,Father!I want to go to school.”she said,forcing herself.It was obvious that she’s rarely seen at any school!


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