classmates: DEclassified!!!

27 Sep

if you were a regular viewer of my blog since then,i bet you still remember the post wherein i gave definitions in every letter of my friends’ names.
this time,my classmates’ turn is ON!!!

(take note that this acronyms has got nothing to do with the real peeps themselves.but i admit,that the other ones define ’

ROBERTRoasted Ox , Battered Eggs , Rotten Tits

RENZ– Rough Ecstatic Noodle Zoup

PAULINE–  P*nis-Attracted Umbrella-Like Imbecile Na Excited

EIMEE– Exaj In Mothers’ Entrance/Exit

CENDRICK– Chewy Electric Never-Dying Rich Idiot…Cool Ka!

JHONALYNJerky Hostess on Nightclubs And Lusty Yucky Nostrils

EDISON– Ejaculates Demonic Infections…Sucker Of Nipples

ERCIE– Everlasting Rats Coughing If Excited

MEJIN– Masturbating Epal Just to Insist Idoicy

ERLYN– Existing Rubbage Like Your Niee

CAMIL– Crazy Absolute Mistress In Loath

GLENN– Gustong Lumasap Ng Extreme Na Nuts

MARICRIS– Makati At Rolling Intelligent Chess-Raving Individual…Super!

JOMELYN– Jelly Omnivorous Mammal Eating Yolkian Nattos

CLARISSA– Cock-Loving Artista for Roles Incapable of Sexual Sufferings Askew

JOVELLANA-Joking Only!?Vaklang Echusera.Laging Longganisa Ang Nasa Anus

MYRENE– Many of You Rains Everywhere.Not Exaggerating

ALMA– Admirably Licks Microphones Afterwards

MARIANNE– Master of Aerobic Runts Indicating  Actual Nightl Nithings Enthusiastically

RONUEL– Rascal Omnivorous Nigga Under Eclectic Love




we were having exams while i am laughing hard in doing this!!!



One Response to “classmates: DEclassified!!!”

  1. krasnaya 09/27/2010 at 1:28 pm #

    uhh.. buti nlng wala aqu…
    ..but it’s not fun to read…
    and it is not good to hear ..
    it is such a kind of rudeness, my dear…
    ..stop this..!!
    just a comment..^_^
    no insults…♥

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