My Wish List

11 Sep

oh my~!!!!

christmas is almost there!

its not like i am hoping a gift from anybody (that’s actually out of the question) T_T)

but still,i wish the black santa would come and give me all these things i want!!!

most of em are action figures..haha

so,so…i’d gather all coins from anywhere to have cash to buy these!!!!!!!

(hell,im so sad…=( …)

C.C. half-naked PVC figure -- dear me!i want this one so much!!!it's hot,isnt it?=)

man,i think i really need a magic 8ball...since i find it hard to decide on a lot of things...=)

who wouldn't want konata Izumi anyway???=)

i dont not a big fan of naruto..but i still want a forehead protector!=)

i need a USB for school...and for some digital memories too,of course...=DDD

well my previous player's damned i need another is LIFE!!!=D

great!!!i need this for figure photoshoots (and blackmailing.haha) and other pictorials too...


One Response to “My Wish List”

  1. 09/12/2010 at 8:14 am #

    asteg ung kay cc!:))

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