the case of the frustrated author

27 Aug

i am sorry to disappoint you but just because there is a ‘case‘ on the title of this entry does not mean that this is a mystery story.

in fact this is not a mystery at all,but rather,an ordinary post.


well,it’s just that i need a backup if ever my college life fails…(means i am currently writing a novel),and is a little bit of a tragic one.that is also the purpose of my somehow melodramatic way of writing…=)

the story goes something like this:

Chlorine Purlicue ,a new girl in town,transferred to a new school named Vile Formalin Institute.there she meets a group of strange girls who are members of their own club, (supposedly called the X-Club) since she haven’t become friends with anybody yet,she decided to join them ‘momentarily’ only,what she did not know is that from being involved wth the club’s activities,her life will change forever…

i just searched the net and found out that there’s an existing X CLUB already (that was the working title of my story),so now i have to think of something else…i’ve done just a page of it as for now,tomorrow and all the other empty hours will be occupied by that and other ALIEN-y stuff…=)

P.S.: if there’s anything wrong with my grammar,TELL ME!!!

P.S.2: how about suggesting a title for the book?=)



One Response to “the case of the frustrated author”

  1. krasnaya 08/28/2010 at 2:18 pm #

    meron… ung “supposedly muh..?hehe

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