The Black Sugar Club #1.01

27 Aug

(also entitled ‘The X Club’,i originally uploaded this on but i thought it would be nice to have more people read this so here it goes…i’d be adding more words in it soon…please bear with me.=))

Chapter 01
Culture Shock Too Much

I never liked introducing myself in front of the class.
Especially NOT today,wherein I am suffering from a serious power-sucking flu that overwhelms my nostrils with cold and clogs my throat with phlegm. Sorry for the icky description,but what can I say?this is my situation at the recent time.
But before I go on with this tragic tale,I may as well introduce myself first,and,to save writing space for the author’s more important details to fill in,I’d be telling you about me the way I did acknowledge myself as a friendly transferee of section 3-D.You get the idea,don’t you?Here goes:
“Hello,good morning(I pronounced it as ‘moUrning’) everyone.My name’s Chlorine Purlicue,fifteen years of age,I live only a few blocks away from this school,and me and my mom just moved in this town a week ago.I am hoping to become friends with you guys.Have a nice day.”
…there you go.I spat that out without breathing oxygen,which left me sucking for air afterwards,it wasn’t that easy,you should know,for someone with all these slimy stuff in the nose.
The teacher immediately proceeded to her lessons after my bland speech,however,I saw some plain-looking girls murmuring to each other while stealing glances of me until the grammar lessons were over and all the students head off to the corridors.
To Be Continued

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  1. cye-ちゃん 09/11/2010 at 1:27 pm #

    parang ako lang ah. haha

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