Phantom of the Opera (my movie review)

20 Aug

must be submitted to Sir Magalona (our humanities instructor on Monday) i barely posted anything this week, so i guess it wouldn’t hurt to copy-paste it here..=D

The Phantom of the Opera,which was originally written by as a novel by Andrew Lloyd Webber is considered as a classic and a must-see for fans of the opera-music  genre and everybody in general.

The movie had two different timelines: the supposedly present setting was in black&white,ironically. And the past , which involves all the coloured and eventful details of the film.The location was unexactly mentioned,but probably some time in the early  Italian days;time when the streets were cobbled and women wore balloony gowns and men 0are suited with trench coats.That, was another point I have loved .=)

It’s story revolved around  Erick (the so-called ‘Phantom’ of the story)who grew up in an opera house; hidden from the judgmental world which dubbed him as ‘The Devil’s Child’ due to his grotesquely deformed appearance.What they did not know,is that he was actually a genius;he mastered different methods of singing,magic,and such acts that suited him the title “Phantom of the Opera”.He later fell in love with Christine,their opera’s pride on stage.He was played by Gerard Butler in this 2004 film.

The admirable Christine Daae (played by Emmy Rossum) served as the movie’s heroine.The actress portrayed ‘Little Lotte’ (as she was fondly called by her childhood love) perfectly with her breathtaking voice, but her feeble decisions triggered a plethora of  twists and turns in the tale, for that, I assume that nonchalant audiences may probably be annoyed. She believes that Erick was the Angel of Music who was sent by his dying father.

Raoul,on the other hand, was your everyday bravehearted  guy who finally got a hold of Christine once again after a couple of years being apart , the actor (Patrick Wilson) had a good time kissing her Little Lotte, I should say.(haha).And his expressions often seem bland.

Ample colorful identities such as the secretive Madame Giry and her angelic daughter Meg;  the annoying Carlotta;and lots provided comic relief and more awful revelations to this romance-horror flick.I assure viewers that they’ll be most likely to find a character to love.

However,there are some plotholes in the movie that may not be well-accepted by hardcore ‘Phantom’ fans…or maybe it was just me.Good thing some additional scenes (e.g: the cemetery swordfight) and the remarkable talent contributed by the cast that brought the whole classic to life.

Overall,the movie was a visual spectacle. From the delightful yet odd ways of the Phantom to the kaleidoscopic masquerade ball and Miss Daae’s point of no return.Surely Sir Webber may have given praises to the director Joel Schumacher if he had seen it himself.

And so, as ender for this review, I can say that I am very fortunate as o being able to watch this splendid masterpiece and irrational nobodies may possess at least one reason to keep on living—if they haven’t seen ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ yet, that is.


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