Journal Entry #109

16 Aug

oh yeah~!!!

just this morning,i had a good time ruining my enemy‘s day…
no,not the fatpig but the new one,let’s just call her Strawberry Shortcake,for some plausible matters…(haha)
i’ll be telling you the whole story this weekend.

i brought my art portfolio to school today in time with my delivery of a copy of ‘Karla’ for classmates liked my drawings.especially those to be included in my art sweet~…=D
and we had a wonderful lunch today (Siomai Society rocks!)

unfortunately (on Strawberry S. ) my karma went on fast.the zip-line of my pants was wrecked.
if it wasn’t for Glen-chan then my birdie would’ve done quite a show in school(hahaha.dont even imagine).
and that results to me typing here for you ALiENS, i went home immediately to ask mom for help.
i skipped two periods today.
and i’m at the suicidal-state because of my absences on ROTC

good thing i’ve got Sherlock Holmes on my phone to entertain me on the way home and forth.

hope you’re having a nice day,everbody!!!=)


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