Hardcore Excuses…

12 Aug

i dunno how i end up like this.
but i seem to be real good at making excuses
no,that’s different from lies.cause i have a plain purpose on giving pardons.and my conscience is clear when it comes to that .

few weeks ago,on a balmy sunday,lunch time,it was only a couple of minutes before the dismissal of ROTC when the commander called us Alpha Troopers to the court.man,nervous we were!i thought Satan’s big brother was going to punish us or something but no.we were complimented for being snappy (means we are alert and active),and thus,we are going to be saluters for the visitors the day after(sportsfest)…
but HELL!!!
daddie‘s waiting!we’re gonna go to the mall for lunch and he’ll buy me shoes.
the Saint’s gotta find a way out!QUICK!!!

other trainees were already sent home.and i MUST escape.
so i told the officers that i should be going cause my sib’s gonna fly off to Hawaii (oh sorry,my dear sister~!!!) and we have to be with her to the airport.
good thing they set me free..=D
and YEAH!my “dying grandfather” excuse wasn’t use yet…
so i can hit with it soon!!!



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