Freaky Friday Love

6 Aug

i gotta edit this on photoshop soon!!!

oh yeah!

thank God it’s friday!-=D

i had half a thousand by the end of this week (thanks to my uber-parsimonious ability)and guess what i’ve got?

my very FIRST ACTION FIGURE ever!^^)


it’s worth 200 pesos only;

a Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece wearing an orange vest  with gold medallion and other thingies on it.

it took me a few minutes in Cornik Alley(i named the store myself/a parody of the ever-otaku-famous Comic Alley) to decide which to buy.because my target-buys have damages on it.

this one i bought wasn’t actually seen before today.and i was surprised with it myself.=)

afterwards i ate at Jollibee alone with happiness overwhelming me.

i saw the new arrivals in C.A…and my next target:

the first main villain from Rorouni Kenshin!(i forgot his real name;the one who looked like a mummy,that is)

hopefully i won’t get scolded after buying this stuff.





hope you’re having a nice day too,ALiENS!!!=D

here are the other RAW pictures of Luffy on webcam…watch out for the edited pictures soon!!!=D


One Response to “Freaky Friday Love”

  1. krasnaya 08/06/2010 at 6:24 am #

    .heheh..kita pa ung avr at mug..?!^^

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