FLOaT~ (flights & failures)

4 Aug

i’ve changed the concept of the picture book that i’m gonna do.

i’m not a real good artist so such a task representing clear messages through illustrations seems too hard for me (as for now)

last night,i caught another idea in my mind:


the title itself represents me a lot.

since my head’s always wandering to far-flung places/dimensions from time to time.

i have this curious ability to leave my physical form sometimes and let my mind reach out somewhere beyond casual imagination.

and that’s what you’ll see in the picture book im gonna publish here online!=)

they are random drawings (mostly with girls) with statements written on it.

nothing but the positive and lighter side of life on Cosmo Fiesta‘s very first FARTWORKS collection!



P.S.: watch out for the special FLOaT~‘s teaser pics on my facebook soon!!!

and the whole piece itself in here NEXT WEEK!!!=D


One Response to “FLOaT~ (flights & failures)”

  1. saintsynth 08/05/2010 at 5:41 am #

    the teasers and previews of FLOaT:Flights and Failures can now be viewed on my facebook!!!(^^
    click this to see ’em!!=D


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