Remarkable Status Updates (by Cosmo Fiesta)

31 Jul

it’s just that i don’t want to leave my blog with a bad impression (the previous post) so here’s an unplanned entry…and NO, that doesn’t mean i’ve thought about the other posts…

and oh…nevermind..



♫   .computer courses are for idiots…while education are for those who doesn’t like to admit that they are…

♫.the state of being UGLY begins once you start trying to be Beautiful…=)

♫.humans are often confused between what we should prioritize and what to ignore…but truth is;it’s always a matter of balancing both…=)

♫.you’re the one to decide whether you are happy or sad….it all depends on the contentment of what you already have

♫.whatever you do,i’ll still be a better PERSON compared to you…sorry for that matter…i’d still pray for your soul,though…(^^

♫.kabataan nga naman ngayon…pati magbebesprend,may monthsary na..tas may mga EX-bespren pa ha!!!powteK!!!where the HELL is ithis generation going to?!?????

♫.you’ll never be great.that’s the worst thing anybody can be.because you can always become a better ‘ somebody’…=)

♫.HAHA!!!very pathetic…lahat ng nandito sa facebook,trying hard maging cute…oo,LAHAT tayo..nkktawa db?humans are very vulnerable tlg..sobrang irrational na ewan…(-_-

♫.expectations are keys to terrible disappointments…

♫.the best thing i like about you is that you’re so easy to hate…=)

♫.i didn’t love you expecting your HEART in return…i loved you;and i hope you’ll be very happy with your life…

♫.LIFE is unfair when it comes to being UNfair.

♫.nakakatawa yung mga taong nagsyosyota lamang para mi makasama sila sa paggagala sa SunStar at Robinsons…whaha…pakyu ol.

♫.i would rather break the rules than break promises…because promises are all gonna break with or without my permissionn anyway…(-_-)




and THERE!!!
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