The Legend of the Grumpy Saint

30 Jul

college life’s so rough…>_<

i’m trying hard to cope with my studies..and with the help of camps crushes,blabbermouthed classmates,white-eyed bitches,and lambrained teachers;it has become more difficult.

maybe that’s the reason behind the usual solo flighs to the canteen,and when both ends of my ‘brows meet…ugh.

but not just me,no?!?

i can see that my classmates are stressed with our college life too.some optimists say that it’s because we’ve only just begun…but hell,i would never let myself get used to these…i want to teleport to a few years forward…haha

and yeah,whenever i’m alone,i look very angry.good thing my ‘mates know me already.heheh.

and i’m not the type who’ll take everybody with my swings,i try to smile when somebody talks to me…and such.


hopefully i’d meet someone who’ll always give me a good mood soon!=)


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