what i LOVE to HATE =D!?

29 Jul


another shameless-self-promotion post on it’s way to hell!!!!hahah.

NOTE: all lines below this one must be read after saying ‘the Saint Loves to Hate (insert asterisk)

get it?here ya go,Aliens…

the SAINT loves to hate–>

*those who judge others before even knowing them

*those who act like beauty-contest-judges when seeing somebody who looks more pleasing than them

*impolite storekeepers/cashiers/managers/business personnel/and every other person with higher regards than me

*UGLY peeps with UGLY ‘tudes


*those trying hard to be EMO


*proud bastards

*slutty pigfaced whores

*ignorant people on jeepneys

*those who do NOT visit my blog though they have time to do so

*those who doesn’t (even try) to understand art

*those who also hate to love me

*perfect people

and yeah!!!!i love to HATE almost everybody in this world!!!but don’t worry,as long as you visit my blog,you’re part of the teeny-weeny group of people i love to LIKE!!!=D


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