i’m not a bad person,after all…=)

29 Jul

i make lots of mistakes,my fault-counter’s fucked up

i do hurt some intentionally,and with that,i thought i was awesome

but at least i know not to take things for granted

all the mornings i wake up to,they’re all appreciated,

my friends are my treasures,are memories are priceless,

whoever i may be,they’re all part of the mess.=D

so many things left unapologized, i’ve regretted and prayed for,

but there are notes in my mind,promises not to commit the same error

so for everything i have done,sorry for the incovenience,

and for being a part of me,”thank you,”says my conscience

because after meeting all of you,

for the sake of what i’ve gone and will be going through,

you have made me realize,

that i’m not a bad person after all…=)


One Response to “i’m not a bad person,after all…=)”

  1. slpmartin 07/29/2010 at 3:12 pm #

    Rather enjoyed you poem…thanks for sharing your poem. Cheers!

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