ROTC(read this for sympathy)

18 Jul

haay…siguro kahit dito man lang sa cyberspace ee napansin na ninyong minsan ee ibig ko ng sumuko sa college life talaga…heheh.s

(e.g;posts ko sa twitter,facebook,etc.)

this is NOT related to the post...hahah

alam nyo kung bakit?=D

eto reasons oh—>

*strangers during my stroll>_<

*stupid monster teachers

*my heart…(T_T)

*my laziness

~and last but NEVER the LEAST~


ROTC  stands for Rotten Orgies’ Torture Club by the way.haha

its just plain stupid,i’m telling you.

we’re gonna stand in  the soccer fields with the boiling morning sun as the background,you’ll get oily nape in return.haha!

but mind you,historians said ROTC was worse a few years before…the older ones have suffered more…i know,im cursing it too much,but it’s because i damn HATE PROPER HAIRCUTS!!!

the chief officers think they’re so cool in their camouflage.gRR…

by nine AM of sunday,we’ll probably be in the gymnasium already.blahblahblah…i dont wanna type anymore,i’mma continue this later,okay???


One Response to “ROTC(read this for sympathy)”

  1. cye-ちゃん 07/18/2010 at 7:55 am #

    buti talaga ala kami niyan! haha! baka ginamit ko na ang aking talento sa pagtakas sa mga ganyang sitwasyon (expert ako jan since elem)

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