On Guilty Pleasures and such…=)

17 Jul

heehee…Guilty Pleasures are the stuff&strange thingies that you enjoy dabbling into,things you wouldn’t want anybody to know yet you truly love it…i don’t know if i defined it correctly either.haha

here comes my HIT List of under-the-sun organisms i am (secretly) a fan of!=D


yeah.those tweeny ladies in white & a cap you’ll see in hospitals and colleges…oOh~how i’d love to LOVE one!haha.i can’t rationalize how come they seem cute for me.but they truly are,aren’t they?maybe that japanese porn thing from a friend’s phone have something to do with this G.P…

pet peeves: i damn HATE to see male nurses!their better off raped!



not the drinky type (but you can drink this one too,y’know)that very cleansing solution will always be one of my necessities.i don’t use deoderant often,soat least twicw a day,i bath my armpits with such!=D!it dries the skin;which prevents sweat…right?

pet peeves: i look evil in the process….


*Romance Novels

not really a fan of.i haven’t finished any romantic pocketbook(Spark’s the exception).i only go to the bookstores and read the summaries on the back cover.it’s fun to observe how creative writers can be when it comes to putting a HE and SHE in a million different love stories…

pet peeves: they always portray perfect characters.SO fiction.(–.)



sometimes i am involved with such.but hell,iu enjoy it more when i’m watchin’ other people do it!haha!especially if they end up with the hittin’&smashin’ fights.

pet peeves: when they end up in the guidance office


*Ecchi Anime/Manga

heehee…i can’t help but love these itchy harem stuff…i was surprised when i found out that my tiny collection of anime DVD’s are all victims of fanservice,at some point!=D.and yes,Kotonoha Katsura will always be—my number one…=)

pet peeves: im not a pervert!



oh well…uhm…let’s just say that there’s a love song for anybody.hehe.i grew up hearing them.even myself gets surprised when i can catch up with the lyrics!=D!unfortunately,every love song sounds plastic-metal when i’mma be singin’ them…=(

pet peeves: i can’t sing properly.='(



i may look/not look like it,but i admit im a narcissist times too.hehe.visit my facebook to see!haha.WARNING: they are NOT ordinary pictures!

pet peeves: im having a hard time uploading them.



my itchy list of sweet guilty pleasures!maybe i’ve forgotten a thing or two.

thanks for reading,y’all!!!


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