when the sky cries with all her might…

11 Jul

i really admire the sky

whether it’s blue,orange,black,gray,or in any shade…its still beautiful for me…=)

i was an asthmatic sickly kid when young,that’s why i wasn’t allowed to play in the rain,but now that im a grown-up(physically,at least)my parents didn’t mind me running naked in the bathed streets anymore…

last weekend i had the very sweet oppotrunity of absorbing the premature storm in Bae…hehe

but hey,its not i haven’t experienced being wet by the crying skies anymore.when i was in high school i often come home lookin’ like a chicken with leukemia after crossing the street with a hurricane a few metres away from me…haha…

sabi nga dun sa isang pelikula e–>

“pag inabutan ka ng ulan at wala kang payong,sumilong ka,at pag wala kang masilungan,ienjoy mo na lang ang ulan…”=)


but that quote was a nery literal one when u had no choice but to face the foggy shower on he way home.i looked like an idiot smiling while taking a bath on the street alone.haha.

i dont always enjoy the rain,though.especially if its not a ‘rain’ anymore,but rather–a ‘storm‘…heehee.

this is an unplanned post.sorry for the grammatical errors…heehee=D

the rain may make you sad when you're watching it from the window,but it's beautiful once you're in it...=)


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