orgasm with Carrie…=D?

10 Jul


before your mind digest this post’s title with conclusions,let me introduce you to Carrie.

she’s the very popular and stalked airconditioner of rm.105.

the brand said ‘CARRIER‘;nicknamed by yours truly,of course.=D

i grew up in a non-aircon environment;probably only 97 hours of my life was spent inside a cooled chamber

90% of that calculated number was spent inside the guidance office.haha

and so,the 10-degree atmosphere of my classroom’s new and convenient for me.=]

if you would visit our section’s pod,

you’re most likely to see Hacchi-kun blocking the ‘con,if not him,then Roxanne(pronounced as ‘Rohani’),

or probably–ME.haha

i always stick my tounge in front of the brain-blowin’ machine!

sometimes i open my mouth wide & wild for more orgasmic entertainment value…

it’s a very wonderful yet life-riskin’ activity;

well,i’m inhaling CFC instead of oxygen.haha.

i know it’s surreally weird(what would you expect from me,anyway?) but it’s FUN…=)

i am also the co-founder of the AIRCON SOCIETY;

the AIRCON SOCIETY badge!!!

a 2-membered org. that absorbs every bit of snow provided by this beautiful rectangular monster…=D


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