my favorite anime closing MV’s~!!!=D

30 Jun

heehee…since it does not seem like anybody can relate to the set of videos i posted here before,let’s try this one,shan’t we???here’s a fair share of my most watched ending songs from different anime shows!!!=DDD

MOYASHIMON‘s official ending song!!!entitled “Rocket” by POLYSICS from the album “We Ate The Machine”!!!=DDD

ROROUNI KENSHIN‘s third(?) ending song!!!entitled “it’s gonna rain!” by Bonnie Pink from the album “Heaven’s Kitchen”!!!=DDD

BLEACH‘s 20th ending song!!!entitled “Mad Surfer” by Kenichi Asai from the album “Mad Surfer”!!!=DDD

COWBOY BEBOP‘s official ending song!!!entitled “The Real Folk Blues” by Mai Yamane from the album “COWBOY BEBOP:VITaminless”!!!=DDD

TORADORA!‘s first ending song entitled “Vanilla Salt” by YUI Horie!!!=DDD

LUCKY STAR!’s ending song for the 11th episode!!!“Doraemon no Uta” covered by Aya Hirano from the album “Lucky Star OST”!!!=DDD

NOTE: that’s all for now,ALiENS!=)
if you want any anime video to be seen here,don’t think twice and leave a comment!!!!
have a nice day,beeches~!!!


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