29 Jun

PEDICAB is composed of Mike Dizon (drums), Raimund Marasigan (keyboard synths), Jason Caballa (guitar), Diego Mapa (lead vocals), and acclaimed music video director RA Rivera (visuals and multimedia). The band was formed out of each band member’s desire to play catchy danceable punk rock, (humorously referred by the band as dunk music, dance-punk).

Their use of vintage analog synthesizers instead of the traditional bass guitar, as well as Diego’s quirky vocal style and eclectic lyrics, has given Pedicab a unique sound, redolent of 80s synth-pop with garage rock flavor. While the band’s seasoned lineup may be reason enough to attract curious listeners, Pedicab has managed to build a loyal following with their infectious original tunes and energetic live performances. RA’s visuals give Pedicab’s live shows a distinctive performance-art edge.

Pedicab’s first album, dubbed “Tugish Takish” (the sound of the two-count drumbeat when imitated by human vocals) boasts of impressively slick production, as evidenced by the hook-laden first single ‘Dizzy Boy’, and arrangements employing a minimal-as-maximal approach, leaving a lot of space to dance to. More impressive is the way the band adds that Pinoy rock flavor as evidenced by the nifty guitar lines and lyrical hooks, please direct your attention to tracks such as ‘Dito Tayo sa Dilim’, ‘Ang Kailangan’, ‘Bukas’, ‘Konti na Lang’. Madaling Sakyan indeed!

NOTE: videos are not arranged according to it’s chronological releases…
just enjoy it,ALiENS!!!=D
if you want any favorite music video to be seen here,just type in a comment and that’s it!adding your personal dedications would be allowed too!=)))
have a nice day,beeches~!!!


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