DUSTER (Updated)

29 Jun


DUSTER – that quintessential piece of clothing worn by the Filipina in all her incarnations: nymphet in flimsy white cotton, mother replete with falling bra strap and baby in one arm, and of course, lola in yards of floral explosion, arms open, ready to give you her signature kissniff on your cheek.

The band name had been floating around Myrene’s head for years, reserved for a future all-girl group, which finally came around when Raimund Marasigan got Lourd de Veyra to write some lyrics for a collection of music lying around in the studio.

Getting Katwo and Kris was a no-brainer since everyone just wanted to work with each other. Finding a drummer was a bit trickier. Until Ristalle showed up and blew everyone away.

And so here’s Duster. They’ve got an album waiting in the wings and are currently trying out their musical legs with a live performance that’s equal parts experience, uncertainty and bravado. Another collaboration/project/supergroup? Sure, but who cares? It’s only music. And some people like to make it when they can.


NOTE: videos are not arranged according to it’s chronological releases…
just enjoy it,ALiENS!!!=D
if you want any favorite music video to be seen here,just type in a comment and that’s it!adding your personal dedications would be allowed too!=)))
have a nice day,beeches~!!!

this amazing logo was done by 27=20...amazing,isn't it?=)


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