She Voluntarily Put Herself Into Shame…xD

26 Jun

it was a week or so before the ICT teacher asked for volunteers to do a report about the 4 chronological computer generations

and guess who’s got the first hands up in the air?=)

why,the FATPIG of course!!!

that’s ‘her’ who was the main star of my post entitled “say hello to broken mornings”.

and there she was,a week later.

at the front.casually reading the script in photocopied version everybody else has.

NO other visual aids.

NO extra research.

NO entertainment value of any sort.

JUST her plain old curlashed black fatty self.

the worst part???

well she IS a breathing creature.

i dunno why i and how i turned out tobe the ‘devil’ at that certain moment in rm.105.

i was just asking some questions.

questions i knew she couldn’t answer,that is.=)

SHIN: “who invented the vacuum tube, by the way?”

FATPIG: “oh, i don’t know about that..sorry i had no time to research”

SHIN: “so you’re telling me that you’re reporting there without any further research?”

FATPIG: “no, i did research a lot.but i had no time for that.sorry.”

(grammar was somehow revised from the original,but this ain’t exaggerated)

round ONE: DONE!

ON to the next level!–>

SHIN: “uhm–(pretending to be curious)what ‘exactly’ were the years that have spanned the 1ST COMPUTER generation?”

FATPIG: “honestly, i don’t know…”

SHIN: “i thought you’ve researched about your report?(uh-hmm~baby!)”

FATPIG:“no,i’m sorry.i had no time to do researchbecause there’s so many other things to do.”

(didn’t you just say a lot?)

SHIN: “come on,you volunteered to do this report–”

*classmates are either agreeing or catching up with the oily tension*

SHIN: “ah,so you’re saying that what you’re gonna report over there is nothing but what we also have here???”


there were many other cleverly awful commentaries i made..

some from my classmates too.

but it’s not like i intended to ruin her already-ruined report.

she’s stupid.

and that’s not my fault.

one time,she pronounced ‘FAST‘ as ‘P’ast.haha

<activate shameful interruption:RELEASE!>

SHIN: “what do you mean PAST??is that something like ‘past & future’?or ‘fast & slow’?”=DDD

this time,few concerned souls claimed that i was overdoing it.

though they didn’t tell me straight,they kept on murmuring:

‘shin,tama na!’ wit’ grinding teeth.


come on!

i repeat:

“she’s stupid.and that’s not my fault.”

if only she knew better than to volunteer.

if only she was responsible.

if only she looks (at least) human.

if only she didn’t exist.

if only she didn’t tell others anout my princess..

thenb none of it would’ve happened.

fortunately,she did.


(next week: it’s gonna be me to be reporting!!hahah.wish me luck,aliens!)


3 Responses to “She Voluntarily Put Herself Into Shame…xD”

  1. LacusMeer 06/26/2010 at 7:42 am #

    napaka- bait tLaga natin…! kawaii!!! 😀

  2. cye-ちゃん 06/26/2010 at 6:43 am #

    haha! para kang si sir mel, ung english teacher ko nung third year, at para ka rin si medyo-mortal-enemy namin ni sarah na si reiniel. haha! pero manong, mas entertaining ung sayo! haha! parang gusto ko tuloy makisali sa gulo niyo. haha!
    ano yung report mo? patay ka pag ako ang nagtanong. (as if nagaaral ako jan, pero who knows there would be a witty soul that might ask the same question.)

  3. papa bear :) 06/26/2010 at 5:09 am #

    hahaha..!!! buti nga sa kanya!!!taoB 🙂
    you strike agen!!! hahaha 😀

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