LOVELY PAIRS!by Cosmo Fiesta!!!

26 Jun

(hahah.this just for fun,dudes=D

no PUNS intended!

these are matches i made consisting some of my friends!

watch out,baby!

you might find your name stucked with somebody else’s!!!)


PAIR#001: di^ber & BESP


i heard that ms.dianne bernadette was playing with boys’ hearts before.

meanwhile my bestfriend thinks one girl ain’t girl enough for a young healthy Him.

guess which can fool the other firtst???

will last for> ONE 30-day month


PAIR#002: cye-chan & harry

‘TSONGxs-TSONG(I am their firstborn!)’

two very wonderful personalities;

Cyrille(with IQ;135) and

Harry(cried 135 times)

SHE who hasn’t fallen in love yet and

HE who has fallen many times already and broke an arm or two(kidding!)

they NEED each otehr,’s perfect.=)

will last for> 10 months..(or a lifetime if you please=))


PAIR#003: GaaGaa & Glenn

‘Battle of the Virgins’

Glenn is an irregular classmate.was an ‘engineering peep’ before.

GaaGaa,on the other hand,is my bestfriend when i’ma sophomore.

nothing in common,but both boring personalities.haha.

but GaaGaa will definitely WANT him more than Charlie…=)

will last for> 2WEEKS.(he’s got NO phone,honey.)


PAIR#004: the FATPIG & Jairus

‘Be My Enemies!!Bitches!!’

he-who-must-not-be-named was my all-time favorite villain;ruined my last year in elementary.

he deserves the WORST,doesn’t HE???

will last for> *ugh*(will commit suicide together)


PAIR005: Hibarii & PaPa BEAR

‘(where the hell is my mind?)’

no valid reason.

the feeble idea of Hibarii holding Mr.John as a ‘boyfriend’ makes me shiver.=D

it’s cute

but therefore,so UNcheesy.=(

will last for> 2 months


and so,that’s all for now!if you wanna meet those dudes i paired with ya,

type in a ccomment below and i’ma send ya their contacts!TRUST ME!!!

this’ll be perfect!!!

P.S:if you want your name to be found on the second edition,type in a comment too!XD!


3 Responses to “LOVELY PAIRS!by Cosmo Fiesta!!!”

  1. tsong!! 06/27/2010 at 3:49 am #

    adik.. ka tsong..
    cnu un???

  2. cye-ちゃん 06/26/2010 at 6:36 am #

    adik ka tol! haha! sino ba un?

  3. glits 06/26/2010 at 6:04 am #

    pakxet ka!haha..wag mu n q isama sa pngalwa!!

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