1 Jun



I forgot to mention here,


BUT the truth is that CosmoFiesta (yours truly)

is an Otaku~!!!=D

yeah–sometime when I go to the mall

and I see action figures I say ‘wOOooOOow~’ like an idiot kid.

the stall-keepers must think I am just escaped the mental hospital to see their thingies…

and BEWARE if it’s BLEACH!!!

HAH!!!nevermind me drooling over toys confined in a “don’t-lean-on-the-glass” prison.

I want that Hitsugaya-behind-Matsumoto-san figure!!!

(no,there’s no such thing.but I’ve seen one like that in my dreams)

somewhere near the Town Mall in here,

there are stray action figures too…literally,

they are the FiGuReS that want some aCTiOn!!!

hahah…bathing girls and nurses with ragged clothes (oh~my!!!)

but they cost too much…

my nephew has a Naruto figure collection…he’s got 20 pieces or so already…

I always wonder why Naruto items are always more dominant in markets and others…

my favourite anime is Bleach, of course…

and Tenjho Tenge, Mon-Colle-Knights…


ooh yeah~ I could spend hours and hours watching anime on DVD!!!

my School Days disc have been wathced so many times…especially the fourth and fifth episode.

I’m an avid fan of manga too!

like Sekirei, My Balls, Doubt, Jisatsu Circle and manyother black-and-white eye candies…

when it comes to my viewing choice,

I’m more into Ecchi and Horror type…

dunno why

who would say NO to I-thought-it-was-a-melon-under-your-shirt scenarios anyway???haha

I sound lika a perv here…

I’ve done lots of original manga stories before…

noe of them lasted in my hands…

I always give ’em to others.=)

now that I think of it,

I’m gonna share more of my Otaku adventures here soon~!!!:DDD


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