LIFE-VS-me(the backfighters’ edition)

1 Jun

Backfighters are the people with bitchy minds but softly-sculpted balls…

the demons afraid of looking at you in the eye, but hates you to death.

cowards for a lifetime…

see, you don’t have to attend anti-sociallite gatherings or 20-tears-later high school reunions to meet some.

you’re everyday biological environment will do.=)

life’s unfair(that’s a fact) and it will not go on without

weak-hearted pussies(that’s the fuck) on your way…

you may freely pass a tiny crowd of people without any hindrance,

but you’re definitely unaware that after your mini-stroll,

they’ll be spreading rumors and’ll think evil about you.

no one can avoid the backfighter syndrome.

not even you.not me.

we’ve all been through a certain time wherein we truly hate somebody

yet can’t even gather enough Hit Points to face ’em upfront…

I repeat–

no one can avoid the backfighter syndrome.

even muscled bullies and respected barnacles in J.S.Prom-outfits

have had their fair share of silently-annoyed moments.

not for long,

if it’s the SaintSynth (yours truly) as your apple-of-the-scorching-eye.

there was a time last year when I passed a bunch of freshmen high-schoolers in our school

tryin’ hard to be cool,

once I stepped out their territory,

one of them giddily ggestured that he’s gonna hit me on the head with the chunk of wood in his hand.

I expected that,of course

(my pinhead-radar was blinking red,=))

so I innocently turned my head back.

it caught the bastard by surprise.

haha.what happened next was automatically forgotten.

and jus’ this May.

while i’m pending to  be picturedfor the I.D,

I stucked myself

somewhere in the front of the line so I can finish early.

and the man

(a young adult whose face said he’s gone through a lot already.haha)

was annoyed.

he kept on whispering like a bitch to his friend while staring at me.

when i’m almost to-be pictured already,I told him:

” ‘kaw na mauna,baka masapak mo pa ‘ko eh”

with my dog-smile on.


later that day,I greeted him and asked if he had been pictured already.hahaha.

victory for the ‘P!.=DDD


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