1 Jun

(heya~!!!this time,let me share you one of the WTF-ing poems i’ve written when I was in high school~!!!but mind you–>the feelings expressed by the aformentioned fictional peeps does not reflect those of the author!!!okay????here goes—>


she had unusual eyes on that pale evening

her moves are slow with agony and grieving

by the sight of her smile,I would’ve been blind

why I did the next thing,

I didn’t know what came to my mind

my eyes turned shallow

my heart went hollow

as I drew a knife from the kitchen

and stormed to the bedroom

her lips and eyes came in full circles

she knew she was doomed

however,I stepped forward with pitch black emotions

from her chest to her belly,

I sank the knife in fluid motion

I pulled it out,and with a grin,I stabbed her again

now the blanket was bloody red,

and so as the pillows,and the bedsheet,her nightgown was soaking wet

all in red,bloody red

then I chopped her with passion,again and again

yes I did,you heard it right

if you were there,you’ve been awed by the sight,

this is my lady.s final night

because of my love,I led her to the end

yes I did,I killed my girlfriend…




  1. slpmartin 07/29/2010 at 7:39 pm #

    Okay…that’s a fairly dark poem…but to tell you the truth if you look around at several of the other blogs…there are much darker ones…that’s not to say you’re not in the running for the “DARK SIDE” award…well actually I don’t know if there is such an award…if not then you could start it. 😉 Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting…I truly appreciate your input.

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