1 Jun

here he goes~!!!!my little junior baby...wheeEEeee~!!!



it’s lame.it’s cheap.and very off-turning..but i’m happy about it =)

do you know the anime ‘Bleach’?

then probably you know who KON is…

he’s the plushie character there that looks like a bear more than a lion which is what he truly is.=D

i’ve got that one in my room~!!!

but not exactly the same way it looks on the series…mine is wearing black all-over with a collar and bow below his chin, so supposedly it’s wearing a tuxedo

and a microphone made out of cardboard in his right paw.

unfortunately,the fluffy end of his tail is gone.because of my pretty wicked niece.T_T

I don’t even know where the brown furball went…


it’s definitely cheap~!!!

I bought it for fifty pesos (P50) only!HAHA!!=D

actually it’s P150, but the next day, when i’ma buy it already, I was so lucky(and pa-Cute enough to have it 1/3 of it’s original price…


just last month I added a few more MaDnEsS on him.

like the buttons on his torso and my name: CON in his butt.=DDD


that Kon isn’t really mine, it truly belongs to Cye-chan,

it’s my gift to her, but since she’s a wee bit faraway, i’m the one taking his custody.
and also,this witty fun-to-throw away plushie is my BESTfriend~

whenever i’m troubled inl love, or just gettin’ plain bored, I talk to him.

and he doesn’t complain whatsoever…=)

just my luck,

he ain’t respondin’…XD


One Response to ““BABY’S-IN-BLACK”plushie~remix”

  1. cye-ちゃん 06/01/2010 at 3:09 pm #

    haha! special mention…
    dapat pala ikaw ang sinasama ko pag pumupunta ng carriedo cinemas para maka-discount. haha! who knows? baka libre pa! haha!

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