the SaintSynth collaborates with 1MB

25 May

heheh..yeah,you heard it right…

I’m not trying to be cool this time,because actually,there is ONE person somewhere in the world that honestly think i’m COOL!!!

hahah..yeah, his name is Giroro(well at least,that’s his name on youtube)I don’t think I have the right to post his real name right here…

he’s also a BIG Polysics FAN,that’s why we get along well…=)

he thinks i’m cool,alright..but he’s way COOLer…

he’s got every polysics album,and he can MAKE TECHNO MUSIC!!!

yeah…I forgot the link but i’mma ask him later…by the way,

he also wants ME to add lyrics to one if his composed synth-sounds!!!


I still dunno how i’m gonna make it through though,since he lives in USA…

yes,United States of America…hahah

but i’m gonna try my best in helping him out~!!!

=DDD..the title of the song that we’re gonna be teaming up to is “from another galaxy”

once I have the link to his player once again,I promise to share it with you guys~!!!xDDD


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