21 May
>this is my story published in Otakuzine #48~!!!!

It was a fine day at Misaki City.
The flamehace Shana was standing on the school rooftop when she caught a glimpse of a girl in black atop the city’s tallest tower.Shana’s eyes narrowed for she felt a strong amount of spiritual energy from the girl..

Just then,the girl in black disappeared from the tower.Shana heard a lady’s voice from her back:I can sense your reiatsu from that tower..May I know your name?Im Rukia Kuchiki by the way.
“Shana”she firmly said.She noticed the sword placed in Rukia’s hips.”What–?”

A crushing sound filled the air.From there,a hollow was seen,jumping to one roof after another.

“Im spending half day running after this hollow!Come help me out!”,Rukia declared.
“Sure!”embers of flames transformed Shana’s black hair to red.
They both ran towards the hollow.
“Dance!!Sode no Shirayuki!”,ice gleamed from the ground and offended the monster.
“Kiyaaa!”with a sharp slash by Shana,the hollow dissolved to air.

“Way cool.”,Rukia grinned..”Thanks,i gotta go now”.
“Hmpf..I beat him..Not for you but for my city”..
“She’s way cooler”,Elastor,in the form of a pendant said.
As Rukia walks away.


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