20 May


I actually can’t believe it up to now…

Liceo de Bay’s valedictorian is a stupid-lookin’ cocksuckin’ lamebrain…

he;s so stupid he thinks he’s cool with a lightly shaved moustache on.

(I hate people with eyebrows below their noses)

y’know, he ain;t actually the kind of kid who’s been a consistent honorable whatsoever,,

how I wish I could kick the very BoRinG look in his face.

one day, when I was about to go to the school’s computer lab with some friends,

he was there..

he doesn’t wanna open the freakin’ door.

so he kept on mouthing the words ‘WHY?’

on the window.

but no, we can’t answer back.

the room’s soundproofed..

he should know that.

so when he creaked the door open to peek at us,

I pushed the door wildly to let us in..

and told him how stupid it is that he’s asking us WHY on the window

when he knows that WE are NOT able to answer back ’cause HE CAN’T HEAR us


I betcha he doesn’t even know what E stands for in Einstein’s E=MC2

that’s how boring his brain works…

and hell,NO.

i’m not jealous.

I know my strenghts and weaknesses, that’s enough for me

while him…

he’s got a long way to go…

before catching up…


One Response to “the VALEDICkheadTORIAN…”

  1. cye-ちゃん 05/20/2010 at 12:42 pm #

    Wahahaha! Hilarious! Bitin… hehe

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