meet the nocturne-engine!!!

20 May

last month, and just this week

i have finished a 10-page worth of a comic tale entitled:

“KARLA: Biktima ng Insomnia”

(sounds corny, huh..well, it truly is)

it’s about an insomniac college student

who -ironically- turns out to be a campus idol

due to her sleepy looks,bigger-than-eyes eyebags,

and her own iconic personality.

no other characters were introduced in the story except Karla,

but new faces appear on almost every column.=)

so much for a 10-paged tale,yeah..

it’s in filipino language,

and I intended it to be that way

so that more readers can relate to it and the way they talk

those who had a preview of it surely had smiles

on their faces and had a few laughs

(or at least i think so)

i’m planning to publish it and distribute it to all my friends

(for free)

so it may serve as an advance/belated happy-birthday-gift..



I don’t have enough cash for that as of today

(and for the next couple of weeks)

so please stand by until you get a hold of it

i’m also planning to scan it

and upload here…

but not for now.


hey,do i sound boring???

please say NO



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