lines that don’t rhyme

20 May

heeEEeeEre are some of the slightly poetic

but nonsense tryin’-hard aphorisms i’ve written some time before

just for fun,though.

here goes>>

*another moment of truth has come

another reality-check for all that i’ve done

another batch of sins are roll-called

are you ready for the truth?

*if loving you is a sin

and sinners are sent to hell

then i’ve probably got the best room reserved down there

*life is short, move along

leave regrets and faults behind

learn the lesson & then go on further

give your future a faithful smile

*being weird doesn’t mean that you’re thinking in the idiotic way

and that’s why normal peeps don’t understand you

but instead, it clearly states that the ordinary people who call you as such

doesn’t have enough brain capacity to understand the hell you’re doing

shortly, you are the Higher Class and they are the Stupid Commoners.


*there’s something I want to write

a message from my heart and mind

but I can’t find the right words to express

it’s like the ink poured into my brains…

thanks for reading,yo..


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