20 May

i don’t know…

of course,we’re all aware of the fact that

‘words are not enough to express feelings’.

I mean–it may be true that

‘actoins speak louder than words’.

but sometimes ,letting ’em hear it is the only thing you can do


take the ‘secret lovers’ scenario’ for example.

a girl may fall in love with anybody.

and ironically it happens that the guy doesn’t fancy her,

and so the girl will tell herself and grunt to her friends

that the guy is “so like manhid”

(love the accent)

but if you try to see this the other way around,

the boy may ask her

“why? you didn’t do anything to express your love!?..”

that may be untrue, of course,

the girl always supports him, giving advices ,concern,

and everything else.

still, without a creamy love confession,

it wouldn’t be considered by him.

there’ll be no magic in the relationship.

since HE just assumes that

SHE is just a very good friend…

it may lead to a huge stressful regret

that might last for a lifetime…


(oh hell…what am I saying…?)

(nevermind me, guys…now head off to a more interesting blog to ponder into.)


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