back to school trigger(pre-entrance tour)

20 May

yeah~…after four technicoloured years in high school,

i’m off to the POLYtechnic University for college

(love the name…with ‘poly’ in it)

i’ll be studying Education,

major in English

(and this blog’s my trainer)

so promise me that you’ll

double-check every teeny-weeny bit

of the words I use..

grammar, of course…=]

guess what>>>?

it almost seemed like I wouldn’t be

having that course at first because the school’s

already full-blown by aspiring English TeAChERs.

let me send them to hell

they are the oh-so-excited early-bird applicants

that have caused my troubles…

‘pag lang talaga napansin kong eengot-engot naman pala sila,

lagot sila sa’kin!!!=D

they sure gave me a hard time…


I still miss a lot about my last year in

high school.

ooh~ the memories…=)

I dream about most of my friends ,

having these guys back,

now as co-university students.

but that ain’t possible.

every pinheaded 4B associate of mine

is now off to a good start .

in many different paths to their futures

thanks to the unforgettable camaraderie, though =)

seeing them & how they evolve into a more

responsible person getting ready for a new

devastating obstacle course(a.k.a college)

gives me the urge to wear my very own battle suit too.

off to another world

and this is the trigger to a new beginning



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